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Indicates that housing has some federal or state assistance associated with it (e.g. Low Income Housing Tax Credit, Section 8, etc.)

Federal Housing Administration
Missouri Housing Asset Management Reporting System
Fannie Mae
Housing & Urban Dvelopment
Freddie Mac
Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
Case Types

Rent & Possession: Actions that arise because a person has failed to pay rent to the property owner.

  • there is a lease for monthly payment of rent;
  • there is rent owed;
  • landlord has made a demand for rent (done by filing for rent & possession); and
  • the tenant has failed to pay after the demand

These cases are calendared very quickly; there is no notice requirement - filing the lawsuit is the notice. There are two outcomes: a) eviction when the tenant fails to appear in court or appears and does not pay the rent owed; or b) dismissal if the tenant comes to court with the rent owed (plus any additional fees, like late fees or attorney fees).

Unlawful Detainer: Applies when landlord is mainly seeking possession of the property. Differs from Rent & Possession in that there is no lease, or the lease has expired. In these cases, the landlord is trying to remove the occupant from the premises. They can take much longer than Rent & Possession cases and can result in a jury trial.

Landlord (bulk): These are bulk filings, usually done by attorneys, for high volumes of landlord/tenant cases. Most are Rent & Possession, some Unlawful Detainer, and some may be for other actions related to landlord tenant issues.