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Project Portfolio
Self-updating directory of municipal and non-profit organizations
Facilitates the creation and maintenance of a custom map for sharing information about a city's neighborhood associations and community development corporations; a resource useful to city planners, neighborhood residents, and non-profits alike.
  • Dedicated mobile and voice experiences to maximize citzen accessibility
  • Built-in, streamlined forms for information specific to civic organizations
  • Intelligent authentication allows organizational contacts to edit their own organizations information
  • Support for multiple administrators with real-time updates and a history of all changes made with individual edit histories for each organization
  • Citizen-focused mobile version automatically detects relevant organizations based on device's geo-location
  • Sophisticated email relay system to maintain the privacy of organizational contacts while allowing communication with the general public
  • Public/private file upload for documents like by-laws and articles of incorporation giving organizations an institutional memory.
  • Smart urls make sharing specific organizations easy
  • Ability to export data as CSV, GeoJSON, or ArcGIS layer, or embed map within another web page
  • Two available views: map with layers or list with sortable columns for every field
Technical Points
  • Built as single-page web app in Javascript/HTML/CSS with cloud functions programmed in Node.js
  • Uses Mapbox framework
  • Google Firebase suite used for database, file storage, and authentication
  • Leverages Twilio for voice access to neighborhood data
Crowd-sourced tree care
Organizes volunteers to assist in watering, pruning, mulching, and inventory of the city tree canopy.
  • Simple web-app interface
  • Select trees to adopt for watering
  • Report issues and inventory updates
  • Monitors local weather for rainfall and calculates sending of reminders
  • Easy volunteer messaging with administrators
  • Includes administrative dashboard of stats and volunteer activity

Admin view with stats, messages, and activity

Technical Points
  • Built as single-page web app in Javascript/HTML/CSS with cloud functions programmed in Node.js
  • Uses Mapbox framework
  • Google Firebase suite used for database, file storage, and authentication
  • Leverages Twilio for text messaging
Vacancy Explorer
Tool for triaging and tracking vacant properties for litigation

Secure view for legal team

Created for the Vacancy Collaborative of St. Louis and Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, this tool compiles data from multiple city sources to create a color-coded, interactive map of the city's vacant properties.
  • Scores and dynamically builds burden index for each property
  • Intelligently identifies multiple-property owners
  • Creates map layers for building types, business status, and owner location
  • Includes both public and private versions
  • Administrative console for managing secure access to case information
  • Built-in Google street view of properties
  • Dynamic, radius-based comparison to other properties based on crime, citizen complaints, and property valuation
  • Auto-generation of legal petition text based on building code violations
  • Listings of properties by neighborhood

Public view
Technical Points
  • Built as single-page web app in Javascript/HTML/CSS with cloud functions programmed in Node.js
  • Automated data collection pipeline and data processing to drive experience
  • Uses Mapbox framework and custom-generated tilesets for smooth, responsive map experience
  • Google Firebase suite used for database and authentication
  • Imports cases directly from Legal Server via API
  • Dynamic integration with Neighborhood Map

Secure view for legal team

Public view
STL Vaccination Finder
Tool for finding vaccination sites in St. Louis metro area
Desktop & mobile

Created for the St Louis Regional Health Commission, this tool helps citizens find vaccination sites based on location and other criteria.
  • Responsive page for tailored mobile and desktop experiences
  • Both full-screen and embeddable (WordPress/inline) versions
  • Secure administrative access combined with staged/publishing model for events
  • Administrative ability to edit meta-data set: providers, site services, and site attributes
  • Dynamic filters based on available services and attributes
  • Dynamic calculation of sites "open now"

Administrative list of sites
Technical Points
  • Google Firestore used for database and administrative authentication
  • Uses Mapbox framework for smooth, responsive map experience

Administrative list of sites
Desktop & mobile

Landlord Lawsuit List
Tracking eviction activity in Missouri
Monitors Missouri's public filings for landlord/tenant legal cases and compiles into a single list with daily updates. Search functionality is far more sophisticated than the state's case site, allowing non-profits to craft the most effective services and interventions.
  • Advanced filtering options including by neighborhood area and a multitude of case attributes
  • Integrated charting with ability to easily drill down to cases by plaintiff
  • View any result set on a map
  • Includes matching against government datasets to identify potential CARES Act violations
  • Generates form-ready mailing labels and allows cases to be tagged based on mailings
Technical Points
  • Javascript/HTML/CSS
  • Mapbox framework
  • Google Firebase suite used for database
Rent Relief Letter
Legal self-help for tenants
Simple, one-page form experience designed to assist a wide audience in requesting deferred rent payments.
  • Facilitates submission by email or print out
  • Responsive mobile-first design with desktop support
  • Generates letter on same page that can be directly edited
  • Supports HTML printing directly from the browser
Technical Points
  • Javascript with Bootstrap UI framework
  • Avoids storing any user data
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